Finding the Best Mirror for Your Bathroom

Tips to Get the Best Frameless Custom Mirror

Choose a glass expert when it comes to custom mirrors. Make sure you find someone that will come to your home and design a mirror based on what your personal style is. Custom frameless mirrors are one-off pieces which must express your unique tastes. Working with glass experts will ensure that when it comes to installing your custom mirror, it will be handled and mounted with care and precision.

Make sure you find out what the price will be before you buy, as a one-off custom mirror does not need to be expensive, and only the best glass experts are up-front with regards to pricing. Never buy a mirror until you know exactly what you are getting and at the price you can afford.

Frameless mirrors are normally finished with buffed edges and not a full frame, which gives them their signature floating appearance which is considered both modern and elegant. Professional interior decorators will often recommend this kind of mirror when they are looking to create an illusion of space or to open up a smaller or darker room. Off-the-shelf options are pretty generic and will never fit a space perfectly. Before you decide to purchase any off the rack bathroom, remember your home must always reflect your personal style, and this includes custom mirrors.

Choosing the best mirror for your space
This is where we at LG Glass come into the picture, we will help you to find the right custom mirror to suit both your personality and your space. Our experts will often provide in-home consultations and installation, all you have to do is to tell us what you are looking for and we will more than exceed your expectations. Our pricing will always be up-front. So if you live in or around the Bristol, VA area and would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to call us today at (276) 469-1717.

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