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Perhaps you need help with fixing your storefront framing, or maybe you’re planning to replace glass window panes that have been damaged in a storm. Either way, LG Glass is here to help! We’re a team of glass experts in Bristol, VA, and we specialize in glass repairs and replacement. Here are some of our solutions:

Glass Repair

Glass Repair

Storefront Framing & Repair

Glass storefronts are an excellent way to showcase your products and encourage people to enter your shop. However, they can be prone to damage especially when they get hit by errant rocks and exposed to other kinds of impact. Fortunately, if your storefront has been damaged, you can turn to us for expert storefront repairs. We’ll fix cracks and chips on your glass and ensure your storefront looks like new.

House Window Replacement

We offer professional house window replacement glass services and can assist you with replacing broken damaged windows. If your glass windows have been destroyed by strong winds, or if they’ve simply reached the end of their lifespan, give us a call and we’ll take care of the replacement process.

Custom Table Tops

We install custom table tops on almost all types of tables. We use modern glass-cutting equipment that allows us to do custom cutting and create any design you have in mind. We use high-quality glass, so you know your new table tops can last for a long time.

Shower Door Services

Need new shower doors and enclosures? Get in touch with us! We can help you choose the right design for your bathroom, and we’ll handle the entire installation process so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Other Services

Aside from glass replacement and repairs, we also offer many other services. We specialize in antique car glass and have helped many people with installing beautiful glass windows in their vintage vehicles. We also create and install custom mirrors, and we can assist you with clearing fogged-up windows.

LG Glass is the right company to hire if you need help with fixing shower doors and mirrors as well as other glass surfaces. Call us today at (276) 469-1717 to use our professional glass solutions in Bristol, VA and Blountville, TN;Bluff City, TN;Emory, VA;Meadowview, VA;Glade Spring, VA;!

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