Shower Door Options for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Tips From a Shower Doors Expert

Bathroom remodeling or renovation is fun. It gives you the opportunity to install new features and fixture that will help you improve your experience while using your bathroom. From changing the entire surface to tiles to installing a heater, these tasks are all complicated and requires the expertise of a professional. For one, shower doors can change the entire look of your bathroom at a glance. However, there are different types available in the market and choosing the right one for you might be challenging. Here is a simple guide to help you choose one for your renovation project:

Sliding door

The bypass door is among one of the most popular shower doors. This type of door can fit into little spaces where its other counterparts cannot. This can also be used in small stand-alone showers. Because of innovation, sliding doors nowadays come in different designs. Some manufacturers install a gliding system that is silent and quiet. However, this type of doors slides using tracks or mechanical rollers.

Curved shower door

Another popular door is the curved shower door. The lines, shape, and design create a statement. Also, the curve allows you to maximize the space of your bathroom completely. You can select a round or neo-round shape. The curved door is convenient, too, if you’re planning your shower as a free-standing, against the wall, or situated in a corner. Aside from those, it’s easy to clean because there are no corners to scrub.

Neo-angle shower door

If you’re saving bathroom space, the neo-angle shower door is good for you. A corner shower can be integrated easily in a corner of a small bathroom. This is a smaller version of a curved door, though.

Pivot door

This type of shower door will create a statement when it comes to opening and closing your bathroom. It swings in two directions, both inside and outside. It’s like a revolving shower door!

Hinged shower door

This shower door is like your ordinary door at home. The hinge is attached to either of the glass panels. The only cons about having this door are you need to give enough space when opening your bathroom door.

Bi-fold shower door

This shower door functions like a sliding door and pivot door. The things about this are it has two doors and folds toward one another.

These are some of the options when it comes to choosing shower doors for your bathroom renovation project. If you need assistance when it comes to installation, experts at LG Glass in Bristol, VA will be able to assist you. Call us at (276) 469-1717.

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